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Mission Statement

We Value Customer

ValueGene is a customer-oriented company. At ValueGene, our customers decide what makes the best product and we realize it to our service. All related product specifications and quality of the services are decided according to our customers needs. The customer, and their satisfaction is our top priority.

We Value Quality

ValueGene believes quality of products and services cannot depend only on test or measurement. The quality needs to be built into the product through carefully designed processes and controls of all of the known factors that may influence quality of the products and services.

We Value Employee

ValueGene believes that the ultimate value of the company depends on its employees and their dedication. Employees are the major entity transferring the value into our products and services. The dedication of our employees to ValueGene is recognized and rewarded.

We Value Improvement

ValueGene believes continuous self improvement is a fundamental feature to be successful. We are committed to make improvement according to the change of the customer requirement, the advances in science and technology, the change of  the standard of the society.